Fastrak 15 software update September 2013

Portal Frame

  • Updates to improve stability in Windows 7/8.
  • Updates to prevent crashing when restraints were copied.
  • Update to improve the automatic stability checks where a plastic hinge has formed.

Moment Connections

  • A number of minor updates and enhancements to improve weld design particularly where the end plate is of a lower grade of steel to the rafter.

Simple Connections

  • A number of minor updates and enhancements.

Column Splice

  • A number of updates to BS 5950 design when using pre-loaded HSFG bolts.
  • Fixed the issue relating to Product bulletin No.32.

Fastrak Building Designer

US design

  • For composite beam design to AISC, the status associated with minimum level of partial interaction has changed:
    • If the partial interaction ratio at the position of maximum utilization ratio when this is at a different position to the maximum moment, is less than the absolute minimum interaction ratio (default 25%), then this now generates a WARNING status when in previous versions this was a FAIL status.
    • If the partial interaction ratio at any position is less than the advisory minimum interaction ratio (default 50%) then in previous versions this was given a WARNING status. It is now given for information only and does not affect the status in any way.
    • In addition, there have been a number of improvements to the auto design process for composite beams.
  • For composite beam design to AISC, the service stress check has been removed completely.
  • Enhancements to design of steel joists including:
    • Snow loading is now included.
    • Deflection notes enhanced.

EC design

  • Changes have been identified for the factors used in SLS design cases when equation 6.10 a&b have been selected.
  • Irish NA now uses an eta value = 1.0 compared with the previous recommended value of 1.2. This lowers the shear resistance Vc,y,Rd values but increases the Shear Web Buckling limit.
  • Simple beam design for asymmetric beams
    • Changed shear resistance value for ASB sections.
    • Unchanged shear resistance value for SFB sections.

BS 5950

  • Floor Vibration Design - updated formulae for the resonance build-up factor has been incorporated in this release, as published in the revised SCI P354.
  • General beam design - minor updates to resolve an issue with full restraint on the bottom flange.

Composite Beam Construction

The range of metal decking now includes:

  • New profile RF55 from M Metal Pte Ltd.
  • Upgraded Multideck-V2 profiles from Kingspan.

Revit Integration

Minor enhancements based on customer feed-back.