Tekla Tedds & Tekla Structural Designer are moving!

We are integrating the Tekla Tedds & Tekla Structural Designer into other existing Tekla Online Services. You will still be able to access the same content just via different services.

Important change

Going forward you will require a Tekla Account to access the installation downloads and updates

Read our Tekla Account FAQs

Product releases and software updates

Tekla Tedds & Tekla Structural Designer installation downloads will be available from the Tekla Downloads service.

Knowledge Base

The knowledge base of existing articles, including System requirements, Getting started, Bulletins, FAQs, and Videos will be moving into a Tekla User Assistance service for each product, namely:

What isn’t moving

Legacy support - Downloads, updates & Knowledge Base

Articles for the legacy products will remain in the A&D Online service. Therefore if you are looking for content for any of the following products please use the menu above or the links below

  • Fastrak Suite
  • Orion

Please be aware these products have been superseded and as such this content is no longer actively maintained.

On-demand webinars

The old webinar recordings, recorded before 2015 will still remain in the A&D Online service.