Orion 18.0 sp5

Enhancements in sp5

Grid Label Editing

In the axis table the grid labelling can now be adjusted columnwise

Fixes in sp5

Please refer to the “What’s New” guide installed with the update if you require more detail on any of the items listed below

Punching Shear Check Dialogue Operation

Interface issue has been corrected

Different Grades of Concrete in Walls and Columns

The column material property was being used for the walls in analysis, this has been corrected.  Member design was using correct properties and is unaffected.

Hogging moments where beams intersect beams within physical boundary of a column

Torsional constants have been adjusted which will increase the hogging moment in some specific situations.

BS EN 1992-1-1:2004 clause – minimum design moments at ends of beams

An NDP applies to the calculation of this minimum moment
For the Irish, Malaysian and Singapore NAs, the recommended value was being used, the NDP value is now used.

Column Section Area Warning

A warning that the column area is less than 0.075m2 was incorrectly displayed in some instances, the warning has been removed.

Beam Design Dialogue Operation

Was not operating as it used to – corrected.

Beam Detail Drawing Creation

The option to create the drawings without viewing them was not working – corrected.

Column Detail Drawing Arrangement

The restriction on the number of columns across a sheet has been removed.

Beam Table Editing

Issues with columnwise editing of dimensions corrected.