Frequently asked questions: Trimble Identity for Tekla Online services

Tekla Online services use Trimble Identity for identification. In addition to Tekla services, you can use your Trimble Identity with several other Trimble services, such as Trimble Connect and SketchUp 3D Warehouse.

Trimble Identity provides single-sign-on access for Tekla Online services. You can sign in one service and then browse to another online service without a need to log in again. Find the services landing page here:

Use Trimble Identity also when signing in to Tekla Structures, Tekla Model Sharing and Tekla Field3D.

When can I use Trimble Identity in Tekla Online services?

Transition from Tekla Account to Trimble Identity is done during weekend 10.-11.12.2016 (from 7:00 10.12. to 24:00 11.12.2016  GMT+2). During the transition, Tekla Online services (Tekla User Assistance, Tekla Discussion Forum, Tekla Downloads, Tekla Warehouse, Tekla Model Sharing and Tekla Campus)  are be offline or difficult to reach.

What happens to my Tekla Account in transition?

If you already have a Trimble Identity with the exact same email address as your Tekla Account, nothing happens. Next time you sign in to Tekla Online services or Tekla Structures, use your Trimble Identity username and password. Note that the password can now be different from what you had in Tekla Account. You can change it with Forgot Password functionality on the sign in page.

If you do not have a Trimble Identity, you receive an email explaining that your Tekla Account is now Trimble Identity. In the email, there is a link to page for setting the password of the new identity. After setting the password, you can sign in to Tekla Online services with your Trimble Identity.

If you have a Trimble Identity, but the email address is not the same as in your Tekla Account, automatic migration creates for you a new Trimble Identity with the email address used in your Tekla Account. Use your new Trimble Identity to sign in to Tekla Online services. The two Trimble Identity accounts cannot be merged. If you want to continue using your old Trimble Identity, note that from the Tekla Online services point of view, this Trimble Identity is now a new user.

If you are a completely new user, when you sign in to Tekla Online services, you are asked to create a new Trimble Identity. When you sign in to Tekla Online services for the first time, you are redirected to your Tekla profile page where you fill in mandatory profile data, and accept the Terms and conditions and the Privacy policy of Tekla Online services.

What happens to Tekla Online services such as Tekla Online Admin Tool when Trimble Identity is in use?

Only the sign in changes, services stay the same, including Tekla Online Admin Tool.

I have a Trimble Identity but with a different email address than Tekla Account. A new Trimble Identity got created for me in the transition. Can I use my old Trimble Identity to sign in to Tekla Online services?

It is not possible to merge existing Trimble Identities. You can use your old Trimble Identity to sign in to Tekla Online services, but please note that you are considered as brand new user. As a new user, you do not have organization memberships or licenses you may have had earlier.

How do I create a Trimble Identity?

To create a Trimble Identity, go to Tekla Online services and click Log in. From the Trimble Identity login page, click on Create new Trimble ID. Enter your information. You will get an email asking you to set your password. Click the link in the email to finish creating your Trimble Identity.

Who do I contact if I am having problems?

Please check the FAQs out as your question might already be answered. If you are still having problems then you contact the same team you always have, i.e. your local Trimble Solutions Support team.



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